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ELEVEN CHAIRS — it is an information resource from China with the international edition team, introduces to readers significant developments and events in the world of interior design, informs about business innovations from East and West. The magazine tells you about all new that Asia gives the world in the field of construction of residential and public interiors. The magazine is an authority and a source of inspiration for designers, decorators, enthusiasts and experts anyhow connected with interior design or architecture. Readers also have access to hundreds of reviews and tips, lots of inspiring ideas about what potentially lies in creating interiors.




Our mission


Our mission is to link East and West, to make business contacts in two fundamentally different hemispheres and not to forget, by the way, about the aesthetics of the home interior. We are a direct reference point in the boundless world of furniture, accessories and objects filling the interior that are produced in Asian countries. ELEVEN CHAIRS — is a useful guide containing a list of all relevant professionals of the interior market of Asian countries, from young talents to acknowledged masters, is a magazine, website, mobile apps, digital editions and social networks.



Our reader


Magazine for designers, decorators, architects, amateurs and professionals involved with interior design or architecture, any person not indifferent to the decor, whether a homeowner or a student of School of Art.




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